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I'm not a pizza whore like TC   
09:53pm 22/10/2005
mood: gloomy
Cheese Pizza

Traditional and comforting.
You focus on living a quality life.
You're not easily impressed with novelty.
Yet, you easily impress others.
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This is creepy....   
01:18pm 12/10/2005
mood: cold
Your Daddy Is OJ

What You Call Him: Big Daddy

Why You Love Him: He takes you to church
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I love that dirty wadah   
11:12am 07/10/2005
mood: hopeful
So, I was doing an update on Wednesday before I left work and I had to delete it because I wasn't done and it was after 5. It was kind of a crappy update anyway. Now it seems to irrelevant and old anyway so I guess I can give a brief synopsis. I went to my last game of the regular season and of course it was so much fun. I took Colin to the game because he didn't get a chance to go all season. I thought of going with my mother too because she loved Fever Pitch so much but I'm not sure that she could handle the crowd. Mal was all pissy that I didn't give the other extra ticket to him but I had to give it to Kristin because she takes me to all my games and if not for her I wouldn't have experienced the greatest moment of my life which was the ALCS game 5 last year. One of her customers told her that his son had luxury box seats and could probably get her in and that his son, Glen would call her. Well, he did call her and she said that there were four of us, so he was only able to get us into the standing room section on the left field roof. We still got these cool VIP necklace things so of course we thought we were cool and somehow very important people. The best part was the beer and bathroom are right there and you don't have to walk far to pee or get a beer. Then we saw Johnny Pesky and it was his 86th birthday which of course I knew because I know that kind of useless Red Sox info so me and Krissy got our picture taken with him and he was so cute, but so old. He reminded me of my grandfather. Old men are so depressing. There is just something about Johnny. He's no Hall of Famer but number 6 should really be retired at Fenway.

Now of course I am in deep depression mode. I am not a fairweather fan. The Red Sox are my entire life. I do not care about much else. Some might think that is insane or really queer or pathetic, but that is me. I know they won it all last year. They did the impossible and made the Yankees their eternal bitch but it still doesn't hurt any less to watch Tony Buckner blow a little league routine play. I don't want to hear about how it's not as easy as it looks. No shit, if it were easy then there would be more than 750 pro players. I still have faith but the Sox should have won and come home 1-1. Now we are forced to win two at home and go back to Chicago and win. But with who on the mound?! David Wells on 3 days rest? Certainly not Matt Clement. Schill will go on Saturday. I guess we will see and have to keep the faith. I just don't know what to do with myself!! I am so leaving work at 3, picking up some Tedy Bruschis and going home to watch Wake wake shut em' down at the Fens. At least we have the hometown crowd.

Go Sox!!

P.S. I'm sure there will be no comments posted.
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It's all tied up!!   
09:11pm 24/09/2005
mood: excited
You Are Chinese Food

Exotic yet ordinary.
People think they've had enough of you, but they're back for more in an hour.
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Go Red Sox!!   
06:42pm 21/09/2005
mood: hopeful
You are
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I never even saw any of his movies   
09:04pm 17/09/2005
mood: Notre Dame lost

Which John Cusack Are You?
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Thank God!!!!   
09:52am 16/09/2005
mood: My moods suck
Kenny Chesney and Renee Zelweggy have broken up. They are getting their marriage annulled. Read all about it on People.com. I feel really sorry for him because he is so cute and is probably really heartbroken. What a stupid bitch she is!!

There's still a chance!!!!
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Swainer is 25   
11:28am 09/09/2005
mood: sleepy
Okay, so I never update but it's really because I don't have time at work and I never feel like it at home. My computer at home was really slow for a while but now it is back in action. Is there a way to get free virus protection because I am not paying McAfee 50 bucks or some shit. I was at the Dirty Bird last night for the games and Marcus said something about how he is going to be 25 soon and I was like Umm, I turn 25 before you!! Well Swainer beats us all, besides Teec. And Swainer, I am not picking on you, I am just wishing you a Happy B-day. I know I am going to feel so weird when I turn 25. Just yesterday, we were 15 and drunk!! So, I guess nothing is really different, well except for Marie. The only exciting thing that I have done lately is last Wednesday I went to the Sox game with Kristin. We had the best time like we always do. That should be our job. Seriously, if I was independently wealthy, like if I won the lottery, the first thing I would do is buy season tickets for the Sox, Pats and Celtics. Life would be really good. There really is nothing better than being at Fenway. I got my new St. Patrick's Day Varitek jersey with the Captain C on it. Two down, 3 more to go. I also got a Yankees Suck t-shirt with a saying on the back that echoes one of those Mastercard commercials and I conned Kristin into giving me her JETER DRINKS WINE COOLERS shirt. I couldn't find one and she says that she never wears it. She said she wore it to work one day and that this old dude that is one of her regulars and drinks wine spritzers was embarrassed and doesn't order them anymore!! How funny/sad is that? I have to sing at a wedding tomorrow and I have been sick for a week. I am going to suck, oh well. I hate singing at weddings anyway. It's such a pain in the ass. I have to stop now because I can hear Paul's voice. He just got back from court. Peace out. Go Sox!! Yankees suck!!
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The turdsucker is 24   
09:27am 11/08/2005
mood: working
Happy m'n f'n b-day to Shanimal. I can't believe you are just turning 24 and then Swiv is right behind you. I have been 24 forever it seems. Why is it that when you are little, it is so cool to have your birthday early in the year and then when you are an adult you don't want to get older? Like I thought I was so cool that Shannon had to wait a whole 6 months to turn the next year and I would say she was so young but now I am the old fart. Well, not as old as Emily so that makes me feel a little better. Then of course there was the factor of what the season is when your birthday hits. Like it was always 20 below and a blizzard on my birthday so in the early years my party was at home or the other favorite was Interskate. Shannon was so in skate prison for speeding. The big risk when the Blodgetts were involved with a summer birthday was the threat of the Town Toilet. Even in the 80's we knew it wasn't safe. Anywhore, Happy Birthday. Have fun and I'll be over later with your present.
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90210 was the best show ever   
03:54pm 28/06/2005
mood: chipper
Jack McKay
You're a yuppie. You're crooked, but not as
crooked as some of your mobbed-up associates.
Your car exploded. You are Jack McKay.

Which second-string 'Beverly Hills, 90210' character are you?
brought to you by Quizilla
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12:13pm 20/06/2005
mood: tired
Okay, so whatever if me and Bolduc almost died last night. Not literally, but we were really dying at Dave. I wasn't wicked drunk so it was perfect. Of course Saturday is basically one big blur but he did play "Don't Drink the Water" and "Too Much" and those I remember cuz they're my songs. But check out the holy set list from last night:

Ants Marching
Dream Girl
The Stone
Rhyme & Reason
Louisiana Bayou
Out of My Hands
Stand Up
You Might Die Trying
Lover Lay Down
Hunger for the Great Light

Old Dirt Hill
All Along the Watchtower

It was really wild. I thought we might die when we ever heard him start Ants and Bartender all randomly in the middle of a concert. And of course you all know how much I love The Stone and Rhyme and Reason. Whatever, Crush?!!!! Granny?!!!! Could we get any luckier? I don't think so. Whatever, the Meadows sucks and we will never go there again. It was total bullshit. On Saturday they let us get away with mellow drinking/tailgating, but not on Sunday. If you took your cooler out of your car, it got confiscated. And no chairs were allowed. Wicked cool.

I'm so tired and I just want to go home and watch the game tonight. I hope I can keep my eyes open. I almost just went in the library and slept on the table.
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Rehearsal Dinner   
01:32pm 24/05/2005
mood: okay
Hey fellow bridesmaids and bride:

What do peeps want for their meal for the rehearsal dinner?

Veal Parmigana
Chicken Calabrese
Baked stuffed haddock

Merv, do you eat fish? Let me know and I will have my mother talk to Teresa's about other possible vegetarian options.

Swainer, ask your parents and grandparents and brother what they prefer and let my mom know.
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Sara n' Pat 4-eva   
09:52am 18/05/2005
mood: giddy
Who is responsible for this?!!! Teec, I know it was you. Whatever, so what if I wanted to have sex with Pat Swayze when I was in kindergarten? Big deal. He's so slammin'!!!!
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Kill me now   
09:12am 10/05/2005
mood: crushed
Okay, so athletes for some reason are always married. I think it's because they don't necessarily become really famous until after college and they marry like their high school or college sweetheart and make the journey together so the fact that Jason Varitek is married sucks, but isn't shocking and I'm sure he would never cheat. Plus he's got 2 cute little girls with one on the way (gag me). I'm telling you though, it's all the good ones that are taken, for example Tim McGraw, but he's married to Faith and they just make a disgustingly beautiful couple again with really cute kids.

I thought I would never be as devastated as the day I read in People magazine that Ed Burns had tied the knot with Christy Turlington. However, I did find it ironic that I always loved her. She was always my favorite ubermodel and she started a campaign to end smoking in her own profession and to create awareness to all women that smoking will kill you. I know I still smoke but I think that's really cool. So even though I am still obsessed with Ed Burns and Jason Varitek, I respect their relationships.

But if you think for one nanosecond that I am going to stand for KENNY CHESNEY marrying RENEE ZELLWEGER or however you spell the ugly bitch's name, I most certainly will not!!!! I feel like puking right now. I cannot believe this. Shannon Madigan told me they were dating last week but I just thought it was an ugly rumor!! Hillman said on AAF this morning that they eloped yesterday after a 2 week courtship.


Okay, that was mean, but I am not well....
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The years fly by....   
10:59am 09/05/2005
mood: awake
Happy Birthday Teec!!!!
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01:57pm 05/05/2005

My pirate name is:

Dirty Mary Cash

You're the pirate everyone else wants to throw in the ocean -- not to get rid of you, you understand; just to get rid of the smell. You're musical, and you've got a certain style if not flair. You'll do just fine. Arr!

Get your own pirate name from fidius.org.
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whateva schmateva   
01:46am 24/04/2005
mood: drunk
So I officially made the reservation for Foxwoods. It should be around $70.00 per person. Considering that it's 2 rooms at Foxwoods in the tower, that is not too bad. I am just sitting here with Kristin and I made her a live journal. Everyone add her to your friend's list, her name is kristabellhorn. Marie, I am the worst friend ever. I haven't even talked to you and you were so sick. I will call you tomorrow after my cousin's baptism. Marie, if you get the chance, make Kristin a Mark Bellhorn icon next to her name and she likes the red sox as a background picture. Peace out, it's like 3:00 am.
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Might as well jump on the bandwagon   
07:18pm 07/04/2005
mood: tired
Now that I have a computer at home, I can do all of these random things that take time without having Gerry or Paul appear from around the corner:

10 random things about me:

I'm obsessed with being/all things Irish
I have really small nail beds
Antiques Roadshow is my favorite show
I can't own enough baseball caps
I drink razberi stoli like it's goin' out o' style
My Confirmation name is Grace
My job is extremely stressful and very challenging with tons of responsibility even though I haven't graduated from college....yet
I am a notary public
Music is my life
I love the color green

9 places I have visited

Disney World
The Cape
Fenway Park
The JFK Library
The Blarney Castle where I kissed the Blarney Stone
The Dingle Peninsula
Jason Varitek's private areas

8 things I want to do before I die

Really for real visit Jason Varitek's you know where
Live in Ireland
Be forgiven for my sins
Be an aunt to any future nieces or nephews
Learn to play the piano
Meet Eddie Burns....perhaps we could share a few pints
Win the lottery
Visit the Holy Land

7 ways to win my heart

Like country music/dave matthews band
Make me laugh
Be a member of Red Sox Nation
Be loyal
Love and look forward to St. Paddy's Day Week
Accept and appreciate my friends and family
Shut up and Listen

6 things I do every day

Stress about the Sox,Patriots,Celtics
Drink Coffee
Read the newspaper
Talk to God
Think about Nanny

5 things I am afraid of

My mother dying
Going to hell
My house burning down
The dark
Getting lung cancer and subsequently not being able to sing (and driving but there's only supposed to be 5 things.)

4 favorite items in my bedroom

My tv/cds
My baby blanket
My pictures
My baseball signed by Gabe Kapler

3 things I believe in


2 things I am trying not to do right now

Smoke a butt
Become completely obsessed with my computer to the point where I am even more behind on my soaps

1 person I want to see

Melina, not counting any celebrities I am in love with of course.
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Mase 3/16/05   
02:49pm 17/03/2005
mood: anxious
Happy St. Paddy's Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love this day so much. My mother just informed me that I have no tolerance for people who don't enjoy this day as much as I do. "You only live once"-that's my motto. Not that I would go sky diving or anything, but at least I like to have fun. So sue me. I guess I will have to get drunk super fast this evening seeing as we all have to go home and go to bed at reasonable hours. I'll probably continue to drink alone or something. I'll just get drunk all weekend. In any event, Mason was born yesterdee and I knew it was going to be a boy. Shannon was beyond out of it. I was there 3 times, it was like I was a stalker or something. The babe is so cute. I'm not just being biased, he is so beautiful!! Poor Shannon, I am so not ever giving birth. The whole thing really weirds me out. It's so weird how a baby just comes out and is this perfect little person. I guess there will be no tap lessons since it is not a girl. But he is healthy and that is all that is important at this point. Shannon got through it, I don't know how. I could never do it. That's about all there is to that. I took tomorrow off so I will probably just go to the hospital and hang out with my little nephew. I can't wait to start spoiling him/turning him into a little Red Sox fanatic!!!!
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I'm Baaaack   
12:11pm 09/03/2005
mood: busy
Okay, I'm sorry. I know I never write. But when you are such a loser that you have no computer at home, it can be kind of difficult. I am really busy at work most of the time. Gerry's office is right outside of mine and he always peeks his head stauffer the wall to say random shit and I'm all online. Usually, I am left alone at work but Nancy had a lumpectomy last week and Lesenia will be out after that 15th for the rest of the month because she is having a hysterectomy. So, I have been doing divorce and probate work which I hate and it's been so long since I have done any of that. Even when I did work for Mary I was clueless but God forbid I asked any questions.

So I was reading the paper on the way to work this morning and in the Sports page there is this guy Garry Brown who has a column every week called "Hitting to All Fields". If any of you recall, my father once had a column like that in the Square Kiver News called "Mac Attack". So anyho,, he writes random thoughts about professional and local sports. Some of it is fact and some is opinion. At the end of every column he writes a name of an athlete if he likes their name. So he says "Add so and so to my list of all time favorite sports names." So today it was Derrick Durepo!!!!!!! How cool is that? I was so excited I screamed. I don't know why I think that is so cool, but I do, because he rarely puts local people as a choice. He put UMass baseball in parenthesis, which got me thinking. We should go to a game. It would be so fun. Maybe when Shannon has the baby we can go on a nice, sunny day and cheer for Derrick and all the other hot guys.

In other news, Kristin's dad's health is all over the place. He might have to get another kidney transplant due to some of the procedures and medicines causing his kidney to fail. Oh my God, there is so much going on with that and I feel so bad because there is no way to help or make it better. So, everyone, please continue to keep him in your thoughts and prayers. And keep Kristin there too because she is being really strong but obviously she is extremely upset. She came over last night and we had a few drinks and watched American Idol/The Amazing Race. All of you should watch both shows. How funny was Saturday? I swear every time Swivle comes home, there is some sort of excitement. We really did do like 15 shots. Kristin spent so much money. We were all down in the random cellar and Anell made us shots (for free, of course) as Kristin continued to lead him on. He wants her so bad. Then Kristin tied a table cloth around her neck like a cape and at the end of the night, she left with it on and so now it is in my room. My mother walked in with it and goes "I won't even ask, but I am sure that Kristin has something to do with it."

These Red Sox spring training games are beyond boring. Launa was like trying to say shit about the Yankees beating us on Monday night and it's so ridiculous because we have a whole regular season full of 162 games to fight about. Massachusetts Yankee fans are the worst ever. The only excuse is people who are originallt from New York and they suck too. Even Nanny who grew up in Long Island was the biggest Red Sox fan ever. Thanks, Nanny.

I want summer to come something fierce. As soon as it is nice a few days in a row and the air smells all good, I know I will have some serious spring fever. Tanning is helping a little bit, but yesterday's snow storm was comletely insane. My mother was too scared to drive on the highway, which I don't blame her, so we took Boston Road and it took us 2 hours and 20 minutes to get home!!!!

St. Patrick's Day is almost here. I am excited, but I know it's going to be the same old bullshit of everyone saying they want to do something and then everyone bails. I will be getting hammered for four days in a row like always. It's the only time of year when I wish my father was normal. We used to have so much fun on St. Patrick's Day.

All right, I have to get back to work. Here's hoping that Sharon gives birth sometime soon.

Was that good enough for you bitches?! I'm outty 5000, G. What does that mean?
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